Reliable receivables management solutions for creditors, through the sale of charged off and non performing consumer loans.

Data Driven Portfolio Solutions

Our business is built around good decision making. We have created our business systems and processes around key performance metrics enable us to drive our decision making. Our unique approach provides our creditor partners with opportunities to unlock the value.

Receivables Acquisition

We provide creative deal structures that offer flexibility for the acquisition of warehoused, current and future charged off accounts.

Account Management

United Holding Group’s proprietary modeling, forecasting and experience enables us to identify opportunities for compliant performance. We have created a network of best-in-class service providers that are managed by our compliance and performance management teams.

Focus on Compliance

We are active participants of the receivables management industry and we strive to provide compliant solutions, exceeding compliance requirements and consumer expectations. Many financial institutions select United Holding Group as a partner because of our unparalleled commitment to compliance. Our compliant approach to receivables management has made us a valuable solution for creditors to divest of portfolios.